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Coocaa is the registered trademark of the television manufacturer Skyworth. Skyworth is known to be one of the leading television manufacturers in China.

We have a wide range of affordable and technologically enhanced televisions that makes them one of the top 5 TV manufacturers across the globe. We have a staff strength of more than 38,000 employees across the world out of which the majority work in the television manufacturing units.

Apart from TV sets, Skyworth is also known to manufacture an array of electronic goods targeted to the household segment, digital receivers and electronic accessories for the car.

We are backed by Chinese technology that enables them to manufacture technology enhanced television sets. We have a number of options for their customers to decide from.

A few of their bestsellers are the android frame-less LED TV, 32-inch FHD Smart TV, 4k enabled android television, HD smart TV and so on. The televisions offered by them are world class and simply unbeatable technology wise.

The world seem to opt for the Coocaa brand for technologically enhanced television sets at an affordable rate. The televisions also come with a stipulated warranty that the customers seem to opt for. The company was initially formed in the year 2006 in China and was found by

Coocaa Online is Great News for Television Users

The company though formed in China has started its international growth. They have already established offices in places like the Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, Australia, Vietnam, India, Germany, and Indonesia.

Currently, we have started our online store to reach out to a larger number of television users. The television sets are extremely user-friendly and come with various features in keeping with the latest technology.

Our company is also known to manufacture a number of other electronic gadgets catering to the household segment.  And is known to develop various smart TV’s and the latest consumer electronics hardware.

We are also known to offer products that include television for gamer, high-end smart TV’s, remote control device for Apple’s smartphones, Bluetooth handlers, Bluetooth earphones and so on.

We are also known to develop and work on latest technology advancement like anti-blue light television for children to protect their eyesight from the harmful rays. The fact that Coocaa.Online is now a reality is great news for technology lovers.

Coocaa Official Store Ties Up with LazMall

LazMall is a leading online store in the Philippines. They are known to offer products of various brands under one roof. Recently they have ties up with Coocaa to provide latest technologically enhanced television sets to Filipinos at an affordable rate.

Coocaa Key Suppliers

Our key suppliers are as follows Wanhua, Hongbaoli, HBIS Group, QIMEI, Total, Dow, BASF The Chemical Company, Nidec All for dreams, DONPER, jiAXiPERA, Welling, PUER, Simand, LG, Chang Fa, and Toshiba.


  1. Where is your repair centre in Alaminos City, Pangasinan. The one listed "SOLIS" states they are NOT repairing Coocaa TV ???


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