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How do I test if my TV is a real 4K Ultra HD TV?

One of the most common way to test if your TV comes with 4K display resolution is to play a 4K ultra HD video or get a 4K content to answer the question "How do I test if my TV is a real 4K Ultra HD TV?" 

To do this, on YouTube go to the settings and change the streaming resolution to 2160 for 4k Ultra HD content. However, this is less convincing for me.

So to end the doubt, I made this easy DIY and provide you all the content you need for testing which includes;

4K Gradient Video created to test 4K Ultra TV

4K Black and White Checkerboard Image created to test 4K Ultra TV

But before we proceed with the 4K display resolution test, it would be great if we understand "What a 4K resolution is?"

A 4K Ultra HD TV, comes with a bucketload of pixels approximately 4,000 pixels to a horizontal display bringing increased clarity and detail to whatever it is you watch.

A 4K Ultra HD TV to be exact is four times as many pixels as HD. However, not all 4K TV's are made equal, and but it is not hard to tell what are really the best 4K TVs out there.

On this DIY 4K testing we will reveal who is a real 4K and not a real 4K TV. So let's begin...

How to test if your TV is 4K Ultra HD?

  1. Download 4K Ultra HD TV Video or 4K Black and White Image. (Please refer above **4K Gradient Video created to test 4K Ultra TV and **4K Black and White checkerboard image created to test 4K Ultra TV) Download link available next to the title.
  2. Unzipped the file and copy it to your USB flash drive.
  3. Play the content.
4K Ultra HD Test conducted with Coocaa 50S5G.
The test was conducted using an Indonesian made Coocaa 50S5G 4K Ultra HD Android TV. Available in Coocaa Official Store here in the Philippines. 

Result of the 4K Ultra TV using images.

Coocaa 4K Ultra HD TV
The image above is a result for 4K Ultra HD TV. Small text is legible. However, the image below is result for scaling resolution and not 4K Ultra HD TV.

Coocaa 2K HD TV (None 4K Ultra HD TV)
The small text is not legible on this figure. Please refer to tho the image above.

Result of the 4K Ultra TV using Video.

For video sample, there is no need for further test. The test is simple, simple because the video is not compatible with lower resolution TVs. Therefore, if it play on your TV you have an either 4K Ultra HD or 4K OLED TV.

Coocaa 4K Ultra TV 
The image above is a photo of video plays on 4K Ultra HD TV. While the photo below is a result on none 4K Ultra HD TV. 

Coocaa 2K (None 4K Ultra HD TV)
For none 4K Ultra HD TV the test video when play will resulted to "Unsupported File".

Base on the test that we conducted, we found out that the following Coocaa models which include Coocaa 50S5G, Coocaa 50S6G, and Coocaa 65S6G are indeed 4K Ultra HD Android TVs. You can buy Coocaa with a great deals at Coocaa Official E-commerce Store Nationwide.

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