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Coocaa 40S6G Android 9 TV Review: The best quality and affordable 40-inch Android TV 2020.

Coocaa 40S6G Sample Unit's Actual Photo

Your house doesn't have enough space and you're looking for a mid-sized 40-inch Android TV. But because of the pandemic you have a tight budget and you're hard earn money deserved only the best. Then the all new 40-inch Coocaa 40S6G is perfect for you, comes with quad core processor and a dedicated quad core GPU. 
It might not be big inline with 65-inch but let us not forget that not to long ago, 40-inch TVs were considered the biggest and best flat screen in the the industry. In my own opinion, there are plenty of reason why I choose and stick on 40-inch even though I can now scale up to 50-inch or even to a larger 65-inch and 75-inch TV.
Now you're wondering why? Well, for me a 40-inch or even a smaller 32-inch TV is enough to ensure it doesn't my home. Furthermore, 40-inch or the smaller 32-inch is so far the best option for those who may need to move resident from time to time. 
Since were talking the benefits of having a…

Coocaa 32S6G Android 9: The Best and cheapest Android TV

Actual Image of Coocaa 32S6G Android 9 TV Android TVs has been around here in the Philippines since early 2014 but it usually made available for larger screen. So if you're looking for a secondary TV to be installed inside your room, then the Android 9 Coocaa 32S6G is perfectly fit for you.
Did you know that the all new Coocaa 32S6G is already comes with the latest Android 9 operating system for TVs? Yes, and it will soon available to offer you a great deal.
This is the answer to all customers asking question like "Do you have an available 32-inch Android TV to offer"? Finally, the Coocaa 32S6G Android 9 LED TV is here!
Like them, I also can't wait to go over the best deal Coocaa 32S5G Android 9 LED TV has to offer this coming months after Covid-19 pandemic.
Going to traditional appliances store in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic while cities and towns are placed under General Community Quarantine (GCQ) is truly frustrating knowing risk of getting the infection. So why not…

All new Coocaa 55S3N 4K TV Full Specs Review

Coocaa 55S3N is finally here, if you are ready for an upgrade to a bigger screen then we have all the information you need about the all new Coocaa 55S3N. As an experience service engineer for both software and hardware down to the component level, with my team, we've tested many smart TV's of all brand this year. We finally found the best and affordable smart TV here in the Philippines, Coocaa 55S3N!

Like Coocaa die hard fan and I also can't wait to go over the best deal Coocaa 55S3N 4K LED TV has to offer this coming months after Covid-19 pandemic.
Going online and browse the vast selection of TV's out there is truly time consuming and really frustrating. Especially to look for the best and quality TV under in small budget.
To many features that an average person didn't know about and they aren't sure what this can do. The price tags is also deceptive and it is all over the place.
Yes, I agree getting you with a the best TV nowadays is really stressful without an…

Coocaa: The Diference between 50S6G v.s. 50S5G v.s 50S3N Honest Review

What is the different between 50S6G v.s. 50S5G v.s 50S3N, a question I frequently received almost everyday in my e-mail, text message and Facebook page. Picking between 50S6G, 50S5G and 50S3N for your next television is a decision not to be rushed. With one thing in mind, helping you choose a perfect TV to satisfy your entertainment needs, I came up to answer the question.
While the three different Coocaa model may sound broadly similar at first glance, there's actually a huge amount of differences between the three on what makes a good TV on your perspective. From whether Android 9 beats Android 8 beat Linux based Smart TV, a kind of smart TV platform that meet your need to keep up in today's increasingly connected world.
Yes, any of the three model (50S6G, 50S5G and 50S3N) offers the same premium viewing experience and there's usually not to much discrepancy when you're buying on a small budget. However, a particular format support, specification, memory, and proces…